Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Fourth Episode: The Second Event-The Dance

We're Back! And this time we are gettin jiggy with it. Every high school has a dance and this time that is the competition. The guys have to get a date and charm one girl and take her to the dance. Once at the dance, there will be a part two: a dance off.
Jeff has his eye on Isabelle. "I really hope she will go with me. Golly gee wilikers...that will make me so happy...I can't wait!"
Clark doesn't want a date, he prefers to go by himself...makes thing more fun and he can dance by himself.
We all know that Scott likes Claudia...but we don't know about her. Once again, we sat her down for an interview, we asked questions, she said nothing and looked at us like we were freaks from another galaxy.
Vincent and Nina are going together but Vincent has confessed...he cannot dance at all. He even screws up the hokey pokey and macerana. Now Nina doesn't know that, so this should make for some good entertainment.

The couples and Clark walked into the gymnasium, with Abba's Dancing queen blaring over the loud speakers. Partners are out there disco-ing it out and Clark is pulling a Saturday Night Fever. Then Old Time Rock And Roll and then the party starts. Everyone is having a pun intended, except Vincent and Nina...who are sitting alone on the side. Oh and except Claudia, who is just standing in the middle of the dance floor. Nina has finally persuaded Vince to get out there and shake a tail feather during Jump On It. Bad idea... Vincent was fine but Nina threw a fit and walked out of the gym after he started doing the "Carlton". The party went on and all had a blast except Vincent, Nina and Claudia. Who do you want to vote off...the drama queen, carlton or the quiet one?