Friday, January 18, 2008

The Third Episode

Welcome back to Survivor: High School! After the first event the Red team is ahead and the Blue team has lost a member...Tina. You the people voted her off and we are back and ready to start again.
While we have been providing food for our survivors, they are complaining...after all it is nasty school cafeteria food. They have the option to give up their food at any time they please. Nina is the one struggling the most with this. Not having her cell phone to call and order out, she is not eating as much.
"At least I'm losing some weight though, I don't mind that. But the way that my stomach growls, people here, they are like thinking I'm farting...I don't do that...pretty girls don't fart."
The have been little to no complaints of being bored though. Clark is keeping the people entertained. He sings all the time and people don't mind, it keeps them laughing.
"I don't know what I would do without some music going on. He knows all the genres and we all have fun listening to him." Vincent said.
Scott has been quite quiet, but the cameras have noticed he has taken a liking to Claudia...who has still not said a single word.