Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The First Episode of Survivor:High School

Welcome to Survivor. Now this isn't the ordinary survivor with a bunch of adults stuck on some island in a place that nobody ever heard of, oh no, this Survivor takes place in a high school (loud obnoxious bum bum bummmms)! I am your host Hilke. I will be narrating the way of our 8 typical high school students abandoned in Chickarah High (da da DUM). Ready for another twist? Who votes these poor saps off? Why you do dear dedicated reader. After every two or three episodes you will get vote for who you wish to take that shameful bus ride home.

The characters are as follows (Note: These people are entirely fiction. Any resemblence to you or any other people you know is sheer coincidence and I apologize and feel sorry for you):

The Red Team:
-Nina: Your stereotypical bubbly high school girl. Her hot pink cell phone pretty much attached to her ear and always at Zona. She eats like a pig yet, some how retains her slender figure and is always at the coolest parties and every hang out...not that there are any in Liberty. "Um, my goal is to like totally win, because my super hot 'boyfriend' that I still like just dumped me, but not really. We're taking a 'break'. Whatever that means...we're still together on facebook though lol!"

-Vincent: Average, yes average would be a good way to describe Vincent. He's no genius, jock or teacher's pet. He just goes with the flow of everyday life. People often tell him that he is a true Ferris Bueller. Everybody knows who he is and nobody gives him a hard time about anything either...everyone's favorite guy. "Hey, I'm just here to have fun...take it as it comes. You know I'll do everything I can for my team and give it my all."

-Isabelle: This is a whole new experience for this gal...being a Russian foriegn exchange student and all. Being new here, she doesn't have many friends she is kind of at the bottom of the food chain. "I am joost here to make sahm new comrades. I also vant to vin!"

-Jeff: Here is another classic stereotype...sadly Jeff is the nerd. He tries his darndest to fit in. He's not too fit but sure can spit out facts like no other. His hero is the one and only Indiana Jones! This should be quite interesting. "Oh wow! I get to get out and explore! Maybe I'll find a golden idle and get the girl he he he."

The Blue Team-
-Scott: Nobody really knows Scott. Some would say he has a screw loose. He isn't really a geek or nerd, nor is he a golden boy. He's just...just in his own little world. A world that he still believes is the 1970s. "Dude, this is gonna be like totally awesome heh heh. No, not awesome...lets go with...groovy, or narly...yea!"

-Tina: When we interveiwed people to tell us what they thought about Tina we got back two resposes (we asked 2 people): Girl Scout and Flight Attendant. Enough said. "Oh my, this sure will be swell. I can't wait to make new friends and just have a good, old fashion, time!"

-Clark: Clark is your drama kid. His passion one day is to be the best entertainer in the world. SNL, movies, music, theater...this kid wants to do it all, and by golly he has the talent. He and his best friend are going to make it some day and that will be a truly magnificent day, when a young man's dream comes true."Holy cow, you have no idea how excited I am for this. I just hope nobody goes missing. Like Bobby Fischer! Where is he? I dunno, I dunno! Hahahaha!"

-Claudia: Um, we don't know much about Claudia. She refuses to speak to us and her parents forced her to be on here because they think she needs new friends.

Tune in next week, same Bat time same Bat channel for Survivor: High School (buuuuu BAM!)


Jeff said...

I like the Jeff character. Sounds cool. He probably will get the girl.