Friday, January 11, 2008

The Second Episode: The First Challenge-Relay Race

Dum Dum Duuuuuuum!!!! (Weird Camera angles zooming in from everywhere). Welcome back to SURVIVOR:High School! Here we are at Chickarah High School. Our contestants have been stranded in this high school for a week now, getting to know each other and having little conflict along the way. Nina thinks she runs the place and Tina is getting on every one's nerves with her excessive niceness.
"I don't see what the problem is. I'm just trying to be cooperative, hmm, well I think thats all, ta ta." she said in her interview.
But others feel differently toward her, Clark has said that if they have to turn to cannibalism, she'll be the first to go.
All social issues aside...its time for the FIRST EVENT!!!! (ta da DUM!!!)
In this first event, each team will be involved in a relay race throughout the school. Each starting in a homeroom class, when the bell rings, they take the combination and set of 5 lockers they are given and find the one that will open, dig inside, find the flag and pass it off. Then the next person has to dash off to the library, find a copy of the book they are given with just the call number, look inside, find the flag and pass it off to the next person. That person then has sprint off to the cafeteria, rummage through three week old lasagna, mac and cheese and meat loaf, find the flag, and pass it. That final person then has to run two laps around the school, stepping on the blue tiles only and meat their team back at the starting homeroom.
Scott and Nina are starting in homeroom...3...2...1 GO!!! they're off dashing off to their lockers. The first ones don't work but then Nina gets her second, digs and digs, Scott gets his third and is rumaging, finds his flag just before Nina and hands it off to Tina who bolts off to the library. Vincent right on her tail. Tina finds the book first but wait...she has stopped to...holy cow she is sitting there reading the back cover of the book! now she's reading the first page...allowing Vincent to find the flag first and in the lead. Tina suddenly remembers she is in a race and quickly finds the flag, after she finishes the first chapter. by this time, Vincent has handed off the flag to Isabelle, and shes slopping through the food and hands their flag off to Jeff, right as Clark gets his and goes through the food. Man o Man, Jeff is taking the tiles four at a time! Clark has found the flag and hands it to Claudia. "What do you want me to do with this thing?". I guess the red team has just won because Claudia refuses to run, sprint or even mosy through this race. Congrats Red Team!

Its now time for a class meeting/ tribal council...Blue Teams lost. Who Do You Wnat to vote off? Tina, Claudia, Jeff or Nina? Voting ends Friday 1/18.


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